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Новый год уже на подходе, а, значит, настала пора поздравлять! Вы хотите сделать это на языке Шекспира? Тогда специально для вас мы написали множество поздравлений в стихах на английском. Выберите любое и прямо с сайта отправьте своего любимому адресату. Happy New Year!
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* * *

The snow is so white,
It’s a beautiful night,
People here and there
Say Happy New Year!

My wonderful friend,
You should understand,
Just believe in your dreams,
It’s easier than it seems!

* * *

May all your dreams come true this night,
Let’s have a great snowball fight,
And dedicate it to New Year —
And celebrate it everywhere.

I wish you luck this happy day,
And all your troubles to go away.
Be good and strong, believe in God,
And He will bless your grateful heart!

* * *

New Year’s here, dear friend,
I wish you — meet amazing man,
With handsome face and awesome car,
To make you feel like superstar.

And let your beauty stay this way —
So hot and glowing every day.
You are my friend, I am with you,
Ask anything — and I will do!

* * *

We have been friends for very long,
Remember our childish songs?
We used to laugh, we used to play —
Why did those days just go away?

New Year’s here, lets have some fun,
And after all is said and done,
I want to drink this glass with you,
For making all the dreams come true!

* * *

This verse was sent now from above,
Devoted to the man I love.
Happy New Year — I want to say,
Will you be happy every day?

I want to give you inspiration,
Inspire your imagination,
Please never go, and stay with me —
I’ll make you happy, you will see!

* * *

The girl I love… She’s from the dreams,
She’s even better than it seems,
So let your lovely dreams come true,
Fantastic babe, I’ll be with you,

No matter what you ask or need,
I’ll do it all for you, indeed.
I love you more than I can tell,
Be happy this New Year, my belle.

* * *

New Year is here,
So let’s celebrate,
Come over to my place,
And please don’t be late.

The smell of the turkey,
And lights on the way —
Be lovely and happy
This wonderful day!

* * *

Charming New Year has come,
Smell out of kitchen is yum,
Christmas trees are everywhere —
Bright and cool here and there.

With you to have all the fun,
Play in the snow and run,
Think of the days you were small–
And take it all, take it all.

* * *

Beautiful New Year’s day!
Are you hare with me to stay?
Magic snow flakes are falling,
Kids are playing, kids are rolling.

Let the happiness appear,
All the problems disappear,
Make a snowman today,
During this New Year’s day.

* * *

What’s the most important thing in life?
When your kids are near, and your wife.
When your dreams are simply coming true,
When your friend are very nice with you.

This New Year’s day I want to say —
You deserve it every single day,
Let this life be nice and good to you,
All your dreams are simply coming true.

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